[BBAN-414] Kuramoto Sumire 倉本すみれ and Kaise Akari 皆瀬あかり

[BBAN-414] 失恋レズビアン 傷心した親友に告白。罪悪感に苛まれながらも衝動に身を任せ快楽に溶けていく2人。 倉本すみれ 皆瀬あかり

Heartbreak Lesbian Confession To A Heartbroken Best Friend. Two People Who Are Tormented By Guilt And Melt Into Pleasure By Surrendering Themselves To Impulses. Sumire Kuramoto Akari Minase

BBAN 414.0

ID: BBAN-414
Release Date: 2023-04-11
Length: 140 min(s)
Director: Isakatomo Yasushi
Maker: Bibian
Label: Bibian
Genre(s): Lesbian,School Girls,Beautiful Girl,Lesbian Kiss,Kiss
Cast: Kuramoto Sumire 倉本すみれ, Kaise Akari 皆瀬あかり


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