[CPBD-002] Minami Serizawa ひなた 15歳中3 卒業作品ぜんぶ競泳水着SP BD

[CPBD-002] Minami Serizawa ひなた 15歳中3 卒業作品ぜんぶ競泳水着SP BD

Release Date: 2012/03/17 | アテナ音楽出版 | CPSKY-248


This time, we will wear a full-length school swimsuit and challenge the episode related to school !! It will be released on an exclusive video with plenty of new school swimsuits! You can meet the new appearance of Minami Serizawa with this one! There is no doubt that it will be a complete preservation version !! The 4th stage of the school swimsuit series that graduated quickly !!

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| HD MKV | 1280×720 60fps | 2.46 GB | 57 mins

CPBD-002.mkv (2517.9 Mb)

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