[JSSJ-044] Hikari Maeda 前田光璃 – 純粋少女~笑顔のキミに~

[JSSJ-044] Hikari Maeda 前田光璃 – 純粋少女~笑顔のキミに~

Release Date: 2012/07/20 | Media Brand


Hikari Maeda, a first-year high school student who will make her debut in the Pure Girl series, is here!
An idol face with a shining smile, glittering eyes, plump and round ass, soft bulges, soft skin that repels water, all of which are high quality rising star JK idols!
You can have a smile and a moist face! Heal us with various facial expressions and poses.
Do not miss the appearance of the ace candidate of JK gravure with the one and only exquisite nice ass!

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