[LCDV-40610] Sayaka Onuki 大貫彩香 – Sunshine Romance

[LCDV-40610] Sayaka Onuki 大貫彩香 – Sunshine Romance

LCDV 40610.0

Release Date: 2013/11/20 | Line Communications ラインコミュニケーションズ


Ayaka Ohnuki, a female college student with an adkenai smile and a cool provocative body. Released in May ・ Our second work has already been released due to the great popularity of our previous work “Together with Satcho”! Even though it’s lovely, it’s a last-minute costume. It’s a faint but versatile sport. The gap is irresistible. Pounding on the hips that stand out with small pants! It’s exciting to be stared at with big eyes and whispered with a sweet voice !! Ayaka-chan’s first Blu-ray version will be released at the same price! You can enjoy the milky and sexy “Satcho” soft skin realistically under the midsummer Okinawan sky.


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