[LODO-0003] Takizawa Mika 滝沢美夏 – 淫らな調教

[LODO-0003] Takizawa Mika 滝沢美夏 – 淫らな調教

Release Date: 2013/08/27 | Orustak オルスタックソフト


To commemorate the last teenager, Minatsu Takizawa, a D-cup with a bust of 88 cm, challenged the bold DVD for the first time. She does a lot of things with him in the setting, “I called him to my villa for the first time … because … to do something strange in nature …”. It’s embarrassing to see through the camisole and T-back pants with no bra, white swimsuit and lotion, micro bikini and rodeo machine, but … he showed me as much as possible with no mosaic.

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