[JSSJ-150] Chia Kinoshita 樹下智愛 – 純粋少女 ~透きとおって弾けるキミ~

[JSSJ-150] Chia Kinoshita 樹下智愛 – 純粋少女 ~透きとおって弾けるキミ~

Release Date: 2015/10/16 | ClubTeens | Media Brand MBDメディアブランド


With outstanding transparency and glittering eyes, the Madonna-like beautiful girl “Tomoai Kinoshita” in her class made her shocking debut in the popular series [Pure Girl]! !! I’ve been doing classical ballet for 14 years, and I’m good at Y-shaped and I-shaped balance, and its soft body looks a little bold even in ordinary poses! ?? Even though she is a cute girl, she was surprised at the tremendous gap of [rugby club] in club activities! It will show you all of Chiai-chan from various angles! Immature fruits under the uniform that you don’t see in everyday school life. You can fully enjoy Chiai-chan’s first time, such as a shy face that you have never shown to your classmates!

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