[SHIB-504] Asuka あすか – ぱいぱんちゃんねる 3

[SHIB-504] Asuka あすか – ぱいぱんちゃんねる 3

Release date: 2014/03/08 | 渋谷書店.com / Shibuya Bookstore


I tried to scout the beautiful girl “Asuka” that I found in Koshok directly. “Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin are my own works …” Because dexterous fingertips, impressive eyes, and wearing a rugged swimsuit will cause the hair to stick out …? For that reason, it’s always shaved … It seems that when I tried to make a cosplay beautiful girl who feels naked in front of a lot of people as a pleasure, I got a real pleasure in front of the camera … Pure white panties getting wet more and more He proved …


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