[SHIB-506] Kaho Matsushita 松下夏帆 – ぱいぱんちゃんねる 5

[SHIB-506] Kaho Matsushita 松下夏帆 – ぱいぱんちゃんねる 5

Release Date: 2015/01/10 | ShibuyaShoten 渋谷書店.com

Girls these days have a good style. Her head is small, her face is small, and her limbs are long. She feels that she has changed since she was born in Heisei. I tried to force an unreasonable yellowtail to such a modern eight-headed beautiful girl “Kaho”. At first, please use the image pv like a celebrity! Whatever it is, try to become a blouse for a while … Remove only one button from her … Kaho-chan acts as she is told. Unknowingly the humiliation of releasing the first straight crack! Further escalated to the forbidden villa … I was deceived obediently!


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